For which operating systems is it available?

It is available for Android and iOS. The app is ready to run on mobile devices of any size and in any orientation (portrait and landscape).

Are app updates free of charge?

Yes, we will be adding new features and improvements to the app with suggestions from users.

Can I control the target pressure and flow values during the shot?

Yes, from the app you can use the manual mode which allows you to create a recipe in real time by controlling the flow and pressure parameters in real time.

Can I control the temperature in each step of a recipe?

Yes, temperature profiling can be done at each step of a recipe. The maximum value is 100°C and the minimum value is 80°C.

Kafmasino ONE

Does the machine include warranty?

Kafmasino ONE has 2 years official warranty included, if you want more information please go to the following Warranty page

What voltages are available?

Currently only available for voltages 220-240V @ 50Hz. The machine is certified for EU and UKCA but may be shipped to other destinations at the user’s own risk for customs inspection purposes.

Is there a possibility to upgrade the coffee machine?

Yes, Kafmasino ONE will update the firmware of the machine from the app from time to time at no cost to the user. New features and improvements will be added.

Can the machine be used without app?

Yes, from the app you can define the machine’s default recipe that it will use every time it is started. You can also change the temperature without having to connect the app from the touch display on the front.

From the front touch display you can select between shot seconds, pressure and pump percentage usage while making a coffee.

Do I need internet to use the machine?

Currently the machine needs to be connected to internet during the machine registration process and the login, in the future we plan that the internet connection will not be necessary and it will only be needed to access the Community.

How long does the machine need to start making coffee?

The machine allows two start-up modes (fast and slow). By selecting the faster mode, the temperature can be reached in less than 3 minutes. If 2-3 flushes are made at a time, a good thermal stability can be achieved during the first shot.

To improve the stability as much as possible, it is recommended to use the machine 10 minutes after start-up and to perform 1 flush before the coffee.

How is the thermal stability of grouphead?

The grouphead is attached to the 550ml boiler and is located on top of the group. Both the group and the boiler are made of stainless steel which guarantees safety and high thermal stability.

How can pressure and flow be controlled?

By modulating the voltage supplied to the Kafmasino ONE pump, the flow rate and pressure can be regulated.

Where is the coffee temperature sensor located?

The temperature sensor is located in the boiler. During the shot, a thermodynamic fluid mixing model is used which estimates the temperature in the puck taking into account the values of pressure and flow at any given moment.

Where is the pressure transducer located?

The pressure transducer is located in the boiler.

How is water flow measured?

Kafmasino ONE uses a physical model which, based on its internal characteristics, allows the volume and rate of water being used at any given moment to be measured very accurately.


Can steam be switched off?

Yes, the steam system can be switched off from the app to save energy if it is not going to be used normally.

Is it possible to make coffee and use steam at the same time?

No, the internal circuit of the machine has only one pump but thanks to the independent thermoblock it is possible to start using the steam after the coffee shot, without waiting.

What temperature does the steam reach?

The steam has 4 different power modes and reaches a maximum temperature of 170ºC and a minimum temperature of 130ºC.


What is the accuracy of the Kafmasino scale?

The scale is accurate to 0.01g and allows a maximum weight of 500g.

Can Kafmasino ONE be connected with scales from other manufacturers?​

The integration of Bluetooth scales from the main manufacturers in the market is planned: Acaia, Hiroia, Atomax, etc.

Does Kafmasino ONE allow an automatic tare at the start of the shot?

Yes, if the scale is connected and paired with the app at the start of the shot an automatic tare will be performed. Additionally a manual tare can be performed from the app at any time.

In which colours is the Kafmasino scale available?

Two colours are currently available: matt black and wood colour.

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