Kafmasino ONE


(Due to the increasing number of orders this batch of machines will be launch by pre-order only)

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Two years official warranty included, Click here for more information.

Kafmasino ONE allows you to create different recipes for your espresso coffee. You can emulate any type of machine (e.g. lever machine) thanks to flow, pressure and temperature profiling. It has gravimetric and volumetric control to stop the coffee shot automatically when the scale detects the chosen ratio.

Thanks to its compact size and brushed stainless steel finish it will fit in any corner of your kitchen.
Kafmasino ONE can be used with any smartphone or tablet compatible with iOS and Android and bluetooth 4.0+.


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We have developed Kafmasino ONE to fulfill the necessity of home baristas who aim to make a perfect espresso. Kafmasino ONE is a compact coffee machine which gives baristas exact, continuous, and consistent control over all the different parameters needed for any espresso recipe.

This purchase includes:

  • Kafmasino ONE coffee machine
  • Bottomless wood portafilter
  • 16g basket
  • BLE Kafmasino scale

All machines ship with a power cord for your region. (UK and Europe only)

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 22 × 37 cm

220V~240V @ 50Hz

Boiler heating element


Thermoblock heating element


Boiler capacity